Thursday, March 20, 2008

CSFC - Lighthouse Quilt for Ruth

I'm real proud of this one!!! I had finished the square last month. It was for CSFC and there were a series of Lighthouses being done. I was to be the quilter. We got an emergency request for a quilt for a missionary lady who is dying of cancer. I took the eight squares I had on hand and put everything else aside. This quilt is what I came up with. However, I didn't feel I could do this justice in quick order. I asked Cathy, the owner of our local quilt shop & a longarm quilter if she could fit it into her schedule. Sweetie that she is, she finished it immediately for us. Bless you Cathy! After binding, etc. I mailed the quilt off for "Ruth" on Monday.

The second photo is of the backing fabric. I forgot to get a photo of the finished product so these are before quilting.

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  1. Absolutely awesome quilt. Great work!!!
    Barb in TX


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