Thursday, March 27, 2008


Some of you may have noticed the "kitty" blinkie that was added recently. Yep! I'm getting a cat finally! I've wanted one for soooo long. I haven't had a cat in about five years and I miss having a cat to cuddle with. Not that I don't love our dogs, but a cat is sooo different. DH has been against having a cat and with our traveling it made sense.

My cat is about one year old now. He's been a neighbor girl's so I've known him since he was a tiny furball. The special thing about him is that he isn't afraid of big dogs. Our dogs are so interested in him & would love to chase him. She thought he was a female at first and named him Lily. That was soon changed to Tiger Lily. But they really just call him "kitty". So I think I'm going to name him Moses.

I was supposed to get him Easter Sunday however... life has a way of changing on a dime! He will come home this afternoon when we've returned from DH's doctor appointment. Yesterday when I went to the pharmacy I also picked up kitty things. I'm so excited!!

Photos will be taken ASAP!

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