Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've finished the first segment of my Spanish Sampler Mystery SAL! Photos to follow! Had to run Jim back to emergency Friday night and of course I had my stitching.

I've now started the April segment of The Red Thread. I can't find my border chart for this, Big Panic! Will have to tear my sewing room apart, ugh!

I've got to finish a piece I've been ignoring for some time. It's for WOCS and on dark fabric, ugh! That's why it keeps getting overlooked, I can't see when I stitch on dark fabric. I originally signed up for two of these squares but Donna has so graciously offered to do the second piece. Younger eyes!

Oh my, in looking for my Red Thread border chart I'm finding all sorts of goodies I've been meaning to do and several WIPs. I've far more than I'll ever finish in my life time. And I keep buying charts. I think it's officially an addiction!! That makes THREE addictions now! Yikes, I'm out of control! Cross stitch, quilting and this darned computer! Gonna have to limit my computer time so I can get some of my other addictions done!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing more WIP pictures of these pieces.

    Also, I hope your new cat is feeling more at home at your house. I'm guessing it might take a little while for that to happen.


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