Monday, April 7, 2008


Here he is! I finally got Moses to sit still enough to photograph. As you can see from the shots he is still on the move. Such a busy kitty!

He's not quite the perfect cat I was hoping for but I'm sure we'll adjust. He needs to be neutered, of course. He will also need some serious grooming. I wasn't aware of how terribly matted he is. Being he is an indoor/ outdoor cat, I'm afraid we'll have to wait on that until the weather gets warmer. I guess it's good he can manage outside and usually comes when I call him. (he's figured out where the chow is!) It also means NO litter box ( Jim hates them!!!) But I wanted a cat to sit in my lap, etc. He's not quite there, a bit lovey after he eats, that's all! Perhaps he will mellow as he ages and after he's neutered.

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  1. He is so pretty. In time he will calm down. My cat was totally wild when I first got him, He calmed down in time but at 15, he's still pretty hyper and likes to jump where he can.


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