Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catching Up

The Post Office was very very good to me this past week! With all the goodies I'm getting I'll have to do some stash management in my sewing room real soon. I was in there this morning & the calendars still show April! Oh my! Just thinking of it. I took the sewing machine to be cleaned & serviced the first of April. Then left for Alabama. I've been home nearly a month and haven't done anything in there but add goodies. That's not totally true, tho. I have been getting rid of some things I knew I would never get around to stitching. I've posted a "Free To A Good Home" list in the San-Man Market Place. Everything's gone to new homes except one chart and several kits. To be fair, two of the kits are needlepoint so they aren't really of interest to this group.

Oh dear! I received 13 finished squares from Peggy L yesterday for the CSFC Americana and Southwestern Quilts. Looks like I'll be needing to tidy up my sewing room soon so I can start these quilts. Oh Woe! I have so many projects there aren't enough hours in a day!!

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