Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ooh! Pft! I'm so disgusted! This is my progress on the BoINK SAL. I thought I was being soooo careful and marking & counting! The whole thing's off by two lousy stitches on each side. There's nothing to be done but start over. I'm just sick about it! I probably won't restart this for quite some time, there are just too many other things I want to stitch. Hopefully I can salvage what's stitched here and make something else out of it. Yet again, I may just save myself a lot of agonizing and toss this out.


  1. How terrible, miscounting! My worst nightmare. I just bought some fabric today and am about starting this one.

    Greetings Ingrid.

  2. Oh no!!! That's so frustrating...I'm sorry! I love all of your other finishes...the kitty is beautiful!


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