Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Retail Therapy!

Oh, oh, oh! One of the packages I received was my Floor Stitching Stand by K's Creations. I've just put up my Red Thread piece hoping to get caught up on it.

Also I did a bit of retail therapy while in town. I bought an OTT Light! I found them at Tuesday Morning for $49.99. I didn't make a rush purchase. I had seen these but couldn't believe my eyes, so I went home to check the OTT website. It's the older "black" one, and the only difference I could find was the color. It has the magnifier, etc. I'm so pleased with myself!

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  1. I love retail therapy! Hoping to buy an ott light for myself soon.
    Nice blog Barb.
    Jody (Martswife37)


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