Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quilting GTG

I had such an inspiring day yesterday! I attended a gathering of quilters from the Portland, Oregon area. I had met one of the ladies, Kathy, on-line and she invited me to join them for the afternoon. Twice yearly they have a four day retreat at Jan Sims' place in Sisters (which is only an hour from me). Jan is a very experienced long-arm quilter and it was exciting to watch her work. Her home and workshop are so amazing. Her home is a log cabin type with an open upstairs with quilts hanging over the railings. Even the shower curtains are quilted! The ladies each were working on quilting projects of their own and such beautiful quilts I've never seen. Such a wonderful, amazing group of women! I'm so inspired!
Oh, by the way, both Jan & Kathy are involved in making quilts for our wounded soldiers! Another project I really want to become involved with.

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