Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sometimes I even amaze myself!

As I posted earlier, I plan to lose some weight/exercise more this year. Soooo... DH and I joined a spa/gym last week. It's not so conveniently located but it's the best one for our needs in the area. That means swimming pool for me as my health conditions do not allow me to do jarring/taxing exercises. Eventually I hope to add some weight training blah, blah, blah. DH and I have committed to ourselves to attend a minimum of three times per week.

Anyhoo... I decided to start off by just swimming laps as the water aerobics class is way too early for me yet. Amazing! I swam 4 laps (both ways) the first day and 5 today! This may not be much to many out there but it's a really big deal to me. I wasn't sure I could do one lap. I've always been a nervous swimmer since a diving accident when I was a teen. I wasn't sure I could even get into a swimsuit!! LOL

My way of giving myself a big pat on the back now is to spend some time in the outdoor hot spa after each session. Also helps relieve some sore muscles! Aah!


  1. HOORAY for you! :D Keep up the good work. Those spa visits are a great "carrot"!

  2. Your doing exactly the right thing and you'll soon find the laps building up. I'm a very strong swimmer having trained with Olympic swimmers as a youth but when I first got back into the pool I started out doing 40 laps and gradually built it up to 100 laps. Obviously that's not what your aiming for the principle is the same. Keep it up.


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