Friday, March 20, 2009

Award Received; Latest Ordeal; AOK

I am totally honored to have received this award from Barb Thank you Barb! Now I must choose eight friends to pass it on to. Ouch! Only eight? Just the number of wonderful friends that have sent thoughts and prayers during this latest ordeal has been overwhelming. I don't think I can do that! (plus, I need to lay down soon) Soooo, I'm sending this award on to all of you who read my blog because I consider all of you my friends and cannot choose some over others.

The latest ordeal: my surgery went very well although a tissue patch was needed (very unexpected). They were able to complete the surgery by laproscope. Whew! But... they closed me up with steri strips and band aids. Very bad! I'm very allergic! Next day, before I left hospital I'd pulled the band aids off. They gave me a couple of doses of Benadryl and let me go. (They suggested keeping me another night but I was quite anxious to go, now I know what my anxiety was about.) By week's end my abdomen looked like raw hamburger! Now I'm on steroids, etc. But, at least I'm getting some sleep! Aah!

Also while I was in la-la-land I was chosen by Angela to receive one of her AOKs (Acts Of Kindness). I'm so thrilled! Her stitching is sooo beautiful! Thank you Angela!


  1. My mom and I are both allergic to the glue and plastic used in adhesive bandages - even the supposedly hypoallergenic ones - and whenever we have to go to the hospital for something, the doctors never believe it. I had a biopsy done a a few years ago, and the allergy to the adhesive bandages took longer to heal than the site they dug the lump from. Ugh. It looked like my skin had melted away. TMI!!!

    I hope you'll heal well from here on in and that your health ordeals will be behind you!!!

  2. I know I have not been reading your blog for long but I was a little worried when there were no posts.
    Hopefully the worst is over and we are glad to have you back from 'lala' land ;-)

  3. Good to see you back after surgery. Praying for your fast healing

  4. Oo, owie! I hope it heals fast, honey!

    Congratulations on the AOK, that's really cool!

  5. I hope that your allergic reaction will go away with the meds and that you will very soon feel better. Much better.

  6. Glad the surgery went well, but that sucks about the allergic reaction. Hope you are on your feet and feeling fine now!!


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