Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm back!

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote here! Two months! Yikes! So much has happened! Let's see..
I did a total rehaul of my 401K. I feel so much better having put it in a much safer place. I've lost so much money I was afraid to look at the statements when they came in.
In April I went to Eugene, Oregon for a QOV (Quilts Of Valor) class. Needed to be with some other quilters to get motivated. Had a great time and met some wonderful ladies. Overnighting with T & C (Jim's brother) is always fun. The next day was Phyllis' 96th birthday (Jim's step-mom). Pat (son2), Alex & Tyler (grandsons), and I took Phyllis to lunch. Phyllis is amazing and so sharp.
I also took a class in Sisters, Oregon. Trying something new with my fabric. Bali Baskets! Fabric covered closeline! They're fun and easy to do.
We went to the local Home & Garden Show. Needed to learn more about laying a brick patio. Paul, Jim's nephew, started one for us last summer. We're going to have to finish it ourselves as Paul & Kristen have been accepted to work at the Hershey Home For Boys in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Otherwise, the Home Show was pretty disappointing.
This month I've been back to Sisters to meet with a group of quilters. We get together at Jan Sims'. Jan does professional quilting but has this group into her home several times per year for a 4 day retreat. I only spent Friday with them as I was previously committed to a cross stitching retreat in Portland that week-end. What a wonderful week-end! Lots of food and friendship and stitching.
Jury Duty is keeping me close to home until the end of the month. It's an on-call thing so I never know until after 6p.m. if I'm needed the next day. That's OK! I've finished a quilt for Quilts For Breast Cancer and a quilt top for QOV. Both will be in the mail on Tuesday.
Our service men & women are very much on my mind this week-end as we approach Memorial Day. How I wish I was close enough to go visit my parent's grave sites. Both of them served in WWII. I will honor them and all our fallen heros in my heart.


  1. Great to see you back and hear about all your recent activities!

  2. Yeah! I was just getting ready to send out a letter to you. I am glad to see you back. sounds like you have been busy and having a lot of fun :)


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