Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey Ho from Vancouver, B.C.!

Hi Y'all! Told ya I was running away! I'm here at my bestest bud, Pam's. We've known each other since before we started kindergarten. Having a great time catching up (which we do at least once a year). Today we ran out to Surrey to the most wonderful stitching shop I've ever been to, Loving Stitch. This shop has more fabric than I've ever seen in one place. And, of course, I took full advantage!

But wait! I need to catch you up on this past week-end. Didn't have internet access so I couldn't catch you while I was all pumped up over this. (And, of course, my photo downloading cord is out in my car so no photos right now.) I was in Bellingham, Washington at a Quilts Of Valor retreat. Oh my! What a beautiful setting! What awesome ladies! Anyhoo... We had been asked to present some quilts at the Traveling Viet-Nam Memorial Wall that was co-incidentally going to be in B'ham. We were able to come up with over 40 quilts on short notice. Most of these were given to members of the Patriot Guard (most of whom are former GIs). Deliciously hot sunny day. An emotional catharsis for me. Many tears were shed by many. I am so pumped up to make more quilts. We got several names of fellows to get quilts to in the near future. We got many vets to sign signatue blocks for future quilts. I've got oodles of fabric and signature blocks to take home with me. Ooh, I can't wait to share som photos with you.

Well, I must be off to bed. The entire house has gone to bed already. Will try to post some photos when I can (hopefully before I get home). But I have more adventures in store for you so come back soon. Hugs...

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