Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Stash Photos!

I promised! There's a lot! Not all acquired in the same shop, of course!

First, fabulous fabbies! Some linen and some 18 ct. aida. (and a couple of small pieces of canvas I want to try) Such beautiful colors and so many to choose from. These and the next batch of pics are from Loving Stitch in Surrey, B.C., Canada. (all photos are clickable for a closer look)

Oops! The Seattle Space Needle chart was a freebie I got at the Portland GTG.

These are nine separate little charts given as freebies by Linda Keske of at our Portland GTG. Aren't they beautiful? I've seen them all stitched one over one, and several of them stitched over two. Linda is always so generous giving us charts and inspiration.

Next are two pieces I bought from Dee Childers of Sweetbriar Needle Designs. She also gave us some totally awesome charts of some of our goofiness at a previous GTG.(ie: Fabric Floozy and Silk Snob) No photo as they didn't show up printed on plain paper. Dee is such a wonderful lady. I love sitting beside her and watching her stitch.

These are two of the freebies Marc Saastad of The Silver Lining sent for our GTG. Such a generous man! I've never met him, several of the gals have, but he just sent a box of charts for us.

The Bandon Lighthouse is another freebie from Marc. Love Letters and the floss rings were my Christmas In July present.

Come With Thankful Hearts was given to me by Hannah Horner (Tracy's 15 y.o. daughter. That's Tracy of Ink Circles fame) as she didn't think she would ever stitch it. It was part of her Christmas In July present. I need to find a great cat chart for her as a thanks. The other two charts I bought at Acorns & Threads.

OK, you've got to look at this pic up close! These are all silk threads from Carrie of She was sharing with us a bunch of her newest trial & errors limited edition hand-dyed flosses. I couldn't resist! I bought tons! Such a great price she gave us. I wanted them all!

Now, if all that stash doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. It sure blew a hole in my budget. But oh, so worth it! And I still can't believe how much I got free this time.
BTW, for those Ink Circles fans, we got a sneak preview of Tracy's two newest, yet to be released designs. To die for!


  1. OH MAN..... you just had to make us drool with all those goodies....

    I hope I find a job soon or my at home adventure takes off.... would be great to be able to pay the bills off and get some new stash every now and again.

  2. Great new stash, Barb. A little bit of everything ...

  3. Wow! what a haul. I am so very jealous :)
    Glad you had such a great time acquiring it all.


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