Monday, August 17, 2009

As Summer Comes To An End...

DH is mowing the lawn and it got me to thinking about our weather lately. We've had freezing temperatures for the past three nights. I've been turning on the furnace in the mornings just to take the chill off. Yet, by mid-day we're ready to turn on the AC.
The birds must be migrating South too. We need to fill the feeders every day now. It's amazing to watch the different birds that visit us.
Finally, we have our finished patio and fire ring! Jim's nephew started this project for us over a year ago. Then he was transferred to Pennsylvania (oh, how we miss them!). I hired two young men from church to come finish the job. Don't you think they did a great job? Next spring we'll plant some shrubs along the fenceline.
We had a bar-be-que/weinie roast last week-end while the grandsons were here. Too much fun!!!

Here's my sweet Kelly girl... she's starting to show her age.

With all the close-out sales on patio furniture lately I couldn't resist this little glider and table for our front porch. The seats we had there were quite uncomfortable. Moses (the cat) says this is very nice, relaxing and comfortable!

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  1. Your new patio and fire ring look so nice and inviting. It's ceratinly fun to sit there and read or stitch or sew or just enjoy the surroundings.


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