Sunday, August 30, 2009

Running to the Post Office Again!

Well, I've been on the sewing machine again this week-end! This beauty is a QOV (Quilt Of Valor) signature quilt top. Each of the stars is signed, some add notes of encouragement and thanks. And it's going in the mail to the quilter tomorrow morning!

I came home from the QOF get-together at Bellingham in July with enough signature squares to make at least three of these quilts. Some of these squares had been "sitting around" for almost a year. It was time! But the rest will have to wait. I MUST get started on my grandson's Baseball Quilt NOW!!! His birthday is coming up way too fast!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous. What a beautiful idea of the signed block.

  2. So beautiful. And I too love the idea of the signed block!

  3. What a stunning quilt top. Good luck getting to work on your grandson's quilt, too!


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