Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stitching & Quilting finishes!

What a productive week-end so far! I got tired ot stitching BAPs and wanted something that would finish up quickly. Do you ever feel like that? Just feel the need to complete something? Well, I do and I did! This is a freebie from Donna Bayliss of By The Bay Needleart. I love her designs! When I finally get to start another piece (a self imposed limit) it will be one of hers.

Also, this week-end I have been stitching together all these beautiful cross stitched squares from the ladies at Cross Stitch For Charity, a Yahoo group I belong to. So many wonderful stitchers! And there was an extra square so I made a pillow to match. These will be in Monday's mail to the quilter, Jeanie, in Montana.


  1. Those are beautiful Barb.... as always you all are doing beautiful work.

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous projects!

  3. I love Donna's designs too and stitched up her freebie as well. Like you, when I decide to start a new larger project it will probably be one of hers. Yours is very pretty.

  4. Everything's so beautiful! Congrats on an adorable finish. :D

  5. The quilt is absolutely stunning. And the pillow is too.

    I love that freebie from by the BAy. I totally understand about needing a quick fix finish. :) So satisfying.

  6. The pillow turned out beautifully!
    I completely understand the need for a "finish fix"!


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