Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Birthday Party!

WOW! I have never ever received so many birthday cards! It was soooo fun to open all these cards, most of them from my friends at the BBI Yahoo Group. We have been having a Birthday Floss Exchange and this was my month to be on the receiving end. You ladies are all so wonderful! The floss colors you chose for me are beautiful. Thank you all!


  1. I'm only too happy to oblige ;)
    Glad my card made it on time, though - the mail service has been known to be extremely slow at times...

  2. Great fun!!
    Was there any GA-Purple Iris on the blue side in there? I looked at my LNS, but as I think of it, may have looked in the Crescent's instead of GA's. Will look again tonight.

  3. Beautiful cards and floss! I am so jealous! ;)

  4. What a wonderful picture, Barb! Happy birthday!

  5. Way to go birthday twin. You really got a haul. I am in a birthday floss exchange on another group and after having so much fun with it, I plan to sign up on a couple more groups next year.

    Hope your birthday was a good one. Mine was great.

    Barb in TX

  6. Oh wow! That is awesome!
    Happy Birthday!!!


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