Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whew! I'm Home!

Oh my! Where do I start? I haven't got any photos ready to show you so I'll try to keep this short & add pics tomorrow.

Unpacking. Check. Linens changed. Check. Laundry. Check. Plants watered. Check. Some cleaning. Check. I'm exhausted! There's always so much to do when DH has been on his own for three weeks.

My stitching room looks like a disaster area. I did manage to acquire some stash and a few special goodies. I also managed to stitch a few small pieces and worked on one BAP. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to spend some time in there.

The mail has been sorted (DH doesn't do anything but pile it on my desk while I'm gone. Bill paying phobia I think!) There were several surprises for me. My last Quilt of Valor returned from the quilter. A wish from my wishlist was granted. I was gifted some really cute Santa charts.

I had also mailed home several boxes to myself. (so much cheaper than paying for another suitcase) I went a bit overboard shopping for new clothes. Some of you may know that I have lost over 50 pounds this year. The clothes were a necessity and there were so many wonderful shopping opportunities.

Now, this is a great story: After I had checked my bag at the airport a thought occurred to me. I could hardly lift that bag! Thank heavens it has wheels! ZAP!! I had lost more weight than that bag weighed. I was happy dancing all over the place! I can't imagine how I had ever carried all that extra weight on my bones.

On that note, I'm going to say good night. Time to go sit with DH & stitch while he watches the tube. Photos and more tomorrow...


  1. Welcome home!!
    I did not know of your weight loss, that is simply incredible!
    Looking forward to pics of the quilt :)

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I know how that feels. :)

    I Look forward to the photos of all your new stash and stitchy things.

  3. Welcome home! Will be looking forward to photo sharing, and weight loss tips! Congratulations - great job.

  4. Wecome home, Barb!

    Isn't buying smaller size clothes sooo much better than buying because you've outgrown? By all means ~ go crazy, you deserve it! Congratulations!

  5. Sorry, to post on your blog!:) But I saw you posted on mine, but I didn't have an email where I could get in touch with you! :) You said your son was stationed in Kodiak?! Small world...what years was he there? My husband was in the Coast Guard for a few years too.


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