Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh, She's Been Bitten!

I've been so busy! I've really been bitten by the holiday bug! Christmas spirit! Whatever you want ot call it.

We'll be having Thanksgiving here this year (a first). A small crowd and that's just fine by me. This is the first year I've been home for Thanksgiving. Traditionally I spend this time visiting my grand-daughter, Erica. Well, I went to Erica's in October this year. Hence, I'm home and that means I'm here early enough to bother putting up a tree (haven't done that in eons 'cause we're never here). Soooo, guess who's already put up her small tree? Yep! I'm excited! Got that spirit! I have a four-foot pre-lit table-top. Not much room for more but I have enough ornaments to do two trees. Some of my ornaments are kept in boxes prewraped to look like presents. That way it looks like I have lots of gifts under the tree already. I also found a perfect two-foot, wrought iron, tree-shaped ornament holder. I put most of the smaller ornaments on it & placed it in our bedroom. Sooooo, I'm all decorated except for changing out the art on the walls. I have some beautiful prints that I hang. Gotta get under the bed for those today! Yes, I've already put boughs along my porch railing and a wreath on the door. My neighbors know!

While in Alabama I shipped home LOTS of fresh pecans. I love them for snacking and baking. Soooo, I've made candied pecans. Yummy! Wish I could share some with you.

At last week's Hero Quilters' get-together one of the girls brought TONS of fresh cranberries. I brought A LOT home. Today I have been a-cranberrying (is that a word?). Frozen cranberries for later. Dried cranberries (these are great snacks). Cranberry sauce for our turkey dinner. I still have a batch in the sink with a yet to be determined use. I want to make cranberry pecan muffins. Maybe take some of those to Jim's step-mom (she's in assisted living). Aren't these beauties?


  1. Ooh; but I just love cranberries! And pecans, too! I wonder if I can find my cranberry relish recipe (I mean betty's recipe...)

    I'm having a smidgen of a Giveaway on my blog this week; I'd be honored if you'd stop by in a spare moment. :)

  2. I love cranberries!! And cranberry-pecan things are so good- my sister in law made a delicious cranberry-pecan pie one year for Thanksgiving. I think the recipe was from A Taste of Home magazine, not sure.

  3. Oh, I love cranberries. They are just hard to get here. And the cranberry pecan muffins sound great.And I'm sure they do not only sound great but they must be delicious.


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