Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm A Winner

I still can't believe I won this gorgeous basket from Cheryl at Prairie Grove Peddler. But I have it in my hot little hands and it's a beauty. This is how Karen discribes it: "an oak market basket that was made by me years ago. It's about 12-1/2" tall with handle. It has a beautiful color from aging and signed with the number #470 on the bottom. I made over 2000 baskets before I stopped selling them so this was an earlier one."
I would really like to stitch a lid for this basket. But we all know how that goes (at least for me). Great plans - little time. I will try to find a suitable chart but I fear I will get sidetracked by all the other projects screaming at me from my sewing room. It's getting so bad in there I can hardly bear to enter. I think I'll blame all the chaos on the teddy bears (although it definately started before they were allowed in there).

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