Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th & a small finish!

Happy 4th of July! Please have a safe celebration!

Guess I'm not a very good holiday person. I enjoy the deeper meaning of the holidays rather than the celebrations. Christmas has gotten out of hand with all the commercialization etc. But back to the 4th.. the fireworks terrify my Kelly dog. Won't know how Matty will respond but I doubt it will be a problem as his hearing is so impaired. Besides that, I firmly believe that children and fireworks are a very bad combination. Even most adults shouldn't be playing with fire. Leave it to the professionals please! Now I'll step down from my soapbox.. .

I finished this small piece designed by Aury . She does such beautiful designs. I have last year's piece also in my finish drawer. Decided this would fit nicely as a quilt block in one of my Quilts Of Valor. Not sure I'm liking the fabric, I may change it to a solid color.

I've been quilting this week. No photo yet but I'm making a QOV with some signature squares. It felt like a good patriotic way to spend the week.

This week begins the Sisters Quilt Show activites. I'll be volunteering at our local quilt store as we get an amazing amout of traffic even though we are an hour away from Sisters. Friday night I'll be staying in Sisters with Madeline, my cousin-in-law from Alaska. Two days of wild fun with M at the quilt show! You'll be hearing more about that!!!

Today my two grandsons, Alex (10) and Tyler (6) are arriving. There will be no stitching or quilting goin on! We call them the terrorists. It usually takes Pops and I a week to recover from them. I'm hoping they'll want to attend our local festivites and rodeo. I want to!

Have a safe and fun 4th celebration!


  1. I like the way you finished your 4th design! I've stitched, but not finished it.

  2. Barb, Enjoy your time with the grandsons. I like Your 4th design. I have started it...guess it will be displayed on Labor Day?

  3. wow...the block looks great...i just finished something similar and it is in my blog...


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