Friday, July 23, 2010


So, I drop by to post a bit about my latest finish and see that last week's post disappeared! Where did it go? It's not even saved as a draft. Sheesh! Don't know if I have the energy to regroup & repeat it all.
It was about the Sisters Quilt Show, which was fabulous

There's a great little antique/junque mall in Sisters. I found these lovelies! More frogs for my growing collection. Isn't this porcelain one the most beautiful? In the white one I plan to make a pincushion (I know this wasn't originally made to be a frog but it will become one now). I couldn't wait to put a few scissors in them. Woo hoo! Now I get to buy more scissors!!!
And we took a few relaxing local rides. This is Elk Lake, about a half hour West of here. We took the dogs swimming at East Lake, about an hour East of here. The bugs were awful. Didn't stay there for long!

So, back to this week's business... I've been working on a birth announcement based on With My Needle's "A Child's Prayer". I've changed the font to a back-stitched one rather than the cross-stitched one mostly to make it a bit smaller. I'm liking it! Perhaps a photo next week. Also I finished one of the LHN monthly ornaments "All Dolled Up". The bird is charted to be white but it just didn't look 'right' to me. I took it out & redid it in red. Much better, a cardinal!
So I can add this one to my stack of over two dozen ornaments needing to be finished. Yes, I've stitched them but have a finishing deficiency. Do you suppose Vonna would give me a bulk rate?


  1. It must have been a fantastic quilt show. I hope I can go there one day. Wonderful pictures.

  2. A finishing bulk rate! LOVE IT!

  3. Not only did I miss the Sisters Quilt show this year but I missed your post with the now missing photos! I was in Alaska last week, and am in between too many worlds this one. Love catching up with your blog, you, your projects and you. At least you were able to see the quilt show, I'm traveling around blogland and getting photos..but it's just not the same thing! Waaaaa!

  4. Nice finishes. Loved that mountain scenery picture. Looks so calm and peaceful.

  5. The quilt show looks wonderful! So much eye candy.

    And that lake.. WOW!!! So peaceful and beautiful.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous - love that scenery. Your LHN finish is so cute - the birdie is perfect in red!

  7. I bet it was a beautiful quilt show! The quilts are always one of my favorite exhibits at the State Fair.


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