Sunday, September 5, 2010

OK, let's give this another try...

Please let me apologise for my previous 'pity party'. Depression is nothing to snicker at and I've had my share. Fortunately I have good friends, doctors and meds. One great place I've found that has really helped me this time around is Pam Kellogg's site. Pam is an amazing and talented woman. Her willingness to share her journey has been inspiring to me (and so much more eloquent than I could've ever said). It must have been devine intervention that sent me to her blog at just the right time.

I won't talk about August here other than to say I had let circumstances beat me down. September will be better! I know this because I have several "me" time activites planned. Got to get back to 'taking care of me'.

As I mentioned before, I have been doing some stitching and have a few completions to share. First is the birth sampler I stitched for DH's niece's baby. It is based on Ellen Chester's design "A Child's Prayer". I modified it, of course, to suit my needs. Stitched on 18ct Celeadon aida with DMC threads. Unfortunately, my photo doesn't do it justice (a bit too blue).

Then, I have finished stitching several Little House Needleworks' Christmas Ornaments. Notice I only said "finished stitching". I am still finishing challenged. Oh, how I wish I had someone talented that way to help me take the plunge. Guess I need to get brave and use some of the wonderful on-line tutorials.

This is "The Merry Skater".
Next is "Red House in Winter".
And finally "Peppermint Twist". I followed this chart to-a-T except I just couldn't put the candy-cane button on it. The button I received was mostly red (Christmas Red) with a white stripe. The chart showed a white button with red stripes. I just couldn't put a bright red button on this lovely subtle shade of red floss. A personal preference.

I've just received the next ornament in this series so I'll have another soon. I can't believe I've kept up with these all year. I love Diane Williams' designs.

Now, since you've followed along this far and since I had a blogoversary September 1st and since my birthday is next week, I'm going to have a giveaway. Let's call it my birthday present to one of my readers. Only one rule: you must respond to this post before Monday, September 13th. I will have DH pick a number on the 13th and announce the lucky winner. Oh, a small hint, as our weather has been perfect Fall weather (I'm expecting an early Winter) that will be the theme of this giveaway.


  1. Glad to see September is looking good, Barb! Your 'finishes' are beautiful and you've finished so many!

  2. Beautiful finishes, Barb! And I don't think that I would've used the button either. :-)

  3. I am glad you are feeling better. We all have our days of feeling down.

    You have some absolutely beautiful finishes.

    I would love to be included in your giveaway. My birthday is coming up too. (9-11) Thank you for letting me join in the fun.

    Keep on stitching your beautiful works.

  4. Barb - (((Big Hugs))) - Happy Birthday/Blogaversary. Hope your special day will be truly blessed. Please enter me in your giveaway. :) Cathryn blueladie at hotmail dot com

  5. Great stitching! Don't you just love 'em? Me, too! Hey, fall is one of my favorites, so please include me.

  6. Glad to see you are doing better! Great stitching!

  7. *big hugs* I too have been struggling lately, I'm glad to hear you have got such great support.

    Your finishes are beautiful.

  8. Glad to hear that you're doing better.
    Very cute finishes. And as for the "finishing" just do it! It'll be fine.
    Please put me down for your giveaway~

  9. While i'm not ready to give up summer yet, I know winter is on its way. I call winter the "moody season". So many of my friends have seasonal disorder which really gets them down. While I don't understand it really, I do feel for them. Winter for me is joyous! Means Christmas is coming and I love Christmas!!!! Then my annual stitching getaway!!!
    Anyway take care of yourself first, and enjoy your stitching.

    Please enter me in your contest, I would love the opportunity to win something!

    Enjoy reading your blog

    Joanie Robertson

  10. SO happy to hear you're feeling better. I love your LHN ornament finishes, they are lovely, not many to go now.

  11. Glad you are feeling better. Great work on the finishes.

  12. I think Peppermint looks prettier WITHOUT the button. I think you made the right decision. Congrats on a terric finish!


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