Monday, October 25, 2010


We had a great week-end! The grandsons came for a visit which always turns this place into a zoo. Best of all... it started snowing. They were thrilled. However, they weren't prepared with appropriate clothing. Freezing fingers... ouch!

Awoke this morning to a winter wonderland. It's still snowing and we have 4-5 inches. I'm sure the sun will come out soon & all will melt. The first snow of the season seldom lasts. Wonder if this is an indication of a hard winter??

DH must live under a lucky star! He's a procrastinator. So are his sons. Genetic, I think! Anyways, he kept putting off winterizing the motorhome. Lord knows we can't afford to go South this year. Then he ends up in the hospital & having surgery. Now he can't do the winterizing himself & Tom has injured his back recently so he's no help. I can't do it as I recently had back surgery. What a fix!! Enter son #2, Patrick! He & the boys arrive and DH instantly puts Pat to work winterizing both ours and Tom's rigs. Whew! Just in time for the first snow! MEN!

On the stitching front... very little got done this week-end. Last night I continued stitching on Ink Circles Florin. This pair, Guilder and Florin are going to be lovely. But I'm itching to start something new. I need to start organizing what I'll be taking with me when I go visit my granddaughter.

Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm leaving November 3rd at O'dark-thirty. Flying to Alabama to spend a month with my grandgirl. Heaven! I can hardly wait!

So, I'm off now to put this place back in order & do mountains of laundry. Sigh!

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  1. No. No. No. I am not ready for snow! While the first snow of the season is always pretty I do hope it wait until sometime in December. Like around Christmas.

    I hope all the ill menfolk are feeling better. :) Especialy so you cna go on your trip to visit with your Granddaughter. Make sure you pack lots of stitchy projects. :)


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