Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year


I'm wishing all the best to my stitching & quilting friends for 2011.

We don't do anything special for New Years as a rule and this year especially since we have so much snow. I'm doing a lot of cleaning/laundry - a typical Saturday.

Christmas was a rather simple affair considering all the hassle and prep. The ride over the mountain pass was clear and easy. Two of my three types of cookies were a hit.

Pat (ds#2) had the grandboys for Christmas Eve. We opened gifts early as their mother wanted them by 7PM. Then we all went out for Mongolian Grill which has become a sort of Christmas Eve tradition. Dh & I got to visit with some dear friends.

Christmas morning Pat fixed a great breakfast. DS#3 & DDIL were there. Then all the Christmas dinner prep began. The guys were deep frying the turkey. I kept out of the way, my job was vegetables. DH fetched his 97yo mom to join us. We decided to head home that evening as "there's no place like home" (and our own bed). Good thing too as it started snowing and didn't quit for 4 days. We now have snow up to my waist!!

In my last post I mentioned "a day of rest". Well, it didn't go exactly as I planned - not all rest. But I did get some stitching done. I started Lizzie Kate's Dog Lessons For People. What a fun stitch! Here it is so far...

If you'll ecuse my poor photography, here are also some ornaments I stitched while I was in Alabama. They are from The Gift Of Stitching Magazine. The First Day of Christmas by Nancy Pederson of Tudor Thyme
and Christmas Star Tag by Annemiek Koning of The Needle's Content. I stitched this in two colorways.
I also have another of the Little House Needleworks ornaments; Joy To The World
Have you noticed a trend to my stitching? So far I have thirty-seven ornaments stitched and not one finished. I'm hoping to be bitten by the finishing fairy this year. That's about it for my New Year's Resolutions. OK, maybe finish a UFO/BAP or two. How about you?


  1. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. New Years eve was quiet for me too. I actually went to bed early since I can't seem to shake this nasty cold/flu whatever. :( As for stitching I just love your LK piece. It is a fun stitch isn't it? Your ornaments are so pretty I esepcially like the fabric you used on the LHN Joy to the WOrld.

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2011!

  2. Best wishes in the New Year, Barb!

    You are going to have a finishing frenzy by the sound of things!

  3. Barb, enjoyed reading your post and glad you got home from your holiday revels before the big snow! Your stitchy pics are so pretty! Well-done! May it continue profusly in 2011. God Bless, Cathryn.

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  5. Great stitching Barb. I especially love the middle design, looks really pretty done in 2 different colours.


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