Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time For God!

with artifical lighting: this shows the fabric color better

with natural lighting: I like this because it shows the floss colors better.

Looks like I should've stood on a barstool instead of a chair and waited 'til morning for better light!! Photography is not my strong suit and I don't have a great camera.

This Lizzie Kate piece was stitched last year. I've been trying to sort out my sewing/stitching room and realized I had forgotten to photograph it. Think I'll take it with me to Portland next week-end to be framed.

Next week-end is our stitchig group's GTG. It rarely happens that Craft Warehouse is having a framing sale the same time we're having our GTG. I'll probably break the bank!


  1. Looks great! I am starting this piece tomorrow? Did you change any colors?

  2. Such a beautiful finish Barb!! So happy you rediscovered it:)


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