Monday, September 3, 2007

CSFC - Morgan's Quilt

Finally! I have finished a quilt for CSFC (Cross Stitch For Charity). This one goes to a little girl, Morgan, in Minnesota. This is the first quilt I have sewn for this group. It is also the largest quilt I have sewn on my own machine. Quite a task! I have to admit I was pretty intimitated by the size and did a fair amount of procrastinating.


  1. That quilt is beautiful! You did an awsome job! I must say I am impressed with your ornaments also. How do you finish them? I am a finishing idiot! I can stitch well enough but can't finish at all. I am doing an ornament exchange for a local group again this year(4th year)and we all laugh about my finishing. I would love to knock their socks off for a change. Advice???

  2. The quilt is gorgeous. Way to go!!!
    Barb in TX

  3. Very awesome quilt Barb!Thats a wonderful finish! Love the ornaments also!


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