Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Finish

Finally! I finished this piece for CSFC yesterday. It was a bigger project than I had anticipated. Lots of back stitching! But I think it looks pretty good.

Last night I worked a bit on my Red Thread piece. I'm hoping to get May completed and more of the border. Then I have the BIG decision to make. There are soooo many beautiful SALs going on right now that I don't know which one to do first. Yes, I plan to do several in time. I've given up on the little piece I was doing for Erica's graduation. The chart just isn't clear enough to do it right. Think I'll try making a Biscornu instead. And I have the dreaded piece on black to do for WOCS. I keep putting it off because it looks terrible to me. I hate stitching on black! I also have a cat piece to finish for WOCS/Love Quilts. Looks like it's gonna be busy around here! (Like it has ever stopped!)

Heading to town in a minute. Bit of groceries to pick up. Also today is the beginning of the local Shop Hop. I don't work at our LQS until the weekend but I'll pop in to see how they're doing. I don't think I'll be doing the Hop this year. So many of the shops are so far away and gas is soooo expensive. It's not like I need any more fabric! LOL I'll save my $$ for my visit with Erica next month.


  1. That piece is so cute. Great job on it.

  2. Lovely dolls...I can sympathize with the sure looks nice, but boy can it be tedious!


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