Friday, April 18, 2008

Carching Up

Well, again it's been a while. Life has been busy.

About stitching: I've been working hard on the CSFC piece. It's looking great but I haven't taken any photographs lately. My Spanish Mystery Sampler SAL is ready for the next installment, don't know when that will be. I haven't started the wedding piece. Yikes! I'm going crazy checking out the on-line SALs. There are sooooo many great ones. Besides the Spanish I want to do BOInks (Book Of Ink Circles) which is a Celtic SAL. I have the fabric & floss ready but want to get something finished before I start. Also there is a Patchwork Sampler SAL by Catia Diaz. I wish there were more stitching hours in the day!!

About Moses: Our little man was neutered on Monday! While he was under anesthetic we had the mats shaved off him. He looks a bit patchy now. But he's such a lovey boy. I don't think he had ever used a litter box before and we had an accident the first night. Today was his first venture outside. He disappeared for several hours which frightened me. Jim had let him out while I was away.

About Quilting: I am in the middle of the Contra Quilt. This was a class I intended to take at our LQS. I missed the first class while Jim was in hospital and just haven't caught up. Cathy has offered to help me privately if run into problems. Big sigh of relief! My next quilt will be for Quilts Of Valor. A new Mystery quilt will be starting the end of this month. Of course, I'll have to play catch-up on this one too as I will be in Alabama for several weeks.

About Us: Jim is recovering well! Another sigh of relief! He takes naps often but has been much more active than in a long time. I've finally gotten a name for one of my problems: Meralsia Paresthetica - lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment. This along with the bulging discs in my back have kept me in misery a lot of the time. New medications and more tests and dr visits. Who said these are our 'Golden' years?

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