Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation & the 4th of July

Oh Lordy! How time flies! Hadn't realized how long I've been out of touch.

The coast was beautiful, I've never seen the dunes before and they're amazing. Miles & miles of sand. Our weather was mostly sunny. At one time we had over 30 people for dinner. All of our dinners were potluck style fortunately. As the holiday grew closer the crowds did too. Patrick & the boys (DS & 2 DGS) arrived on the 4th and parked their little trailer in front of our coach. Looked like we had sprung a shed! LOL

The first ride out on our new quad and the engine seized up. We had to be towed back to our coach. The guys took it to the nearest dealer but it would've taken too long to fix it and we would've had to make a trip back to pick it up. We had to bum rides the rest of the trip. The danged machine is now in our local shop until a new engine arrives. Fortunately it will be covered by the warranty, but that doesn't change the way out vacation turned out.

Like I said, there were lots of people at this gathering. Jim's brother, Terry, and his wife, Cheryl, have been friends with many in this group for years. Jim has hunted with several of the guys. They get together several times each year at this same campground to ride the quads. This was the second time we have joined them but this was the largest group yet. We met quite a few new "friends" and had a wonderful time. One couple we met is also from LaPine, so now we'll have someone to ride with in our area.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun. We have a lot of dunes by us too. Only now because of erosion they have planted a lot of trees to protect the dunes. When we were kids we ran up and down the dunes in the summer, sledded down them in the winter. There is a place north of us you can take your Dune buggy and go riding. That is so much fun.


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