Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just here a moment to grumble and complain! At five this evening my dear husband informs me that he wants to leave at nine tomorrow morning for the coast! Now, I thought we weren't going! That was the last word he gave me. But, we got the motor home back from the shop today & his brother called & said there was a spot available. Usually one needs to make reservations a year in advance for a camp spot for the forth of July. Lots of cancellations due to the cost of gas, I guess.

I'm running around like a chicken, etc. It just won't happen! He is only concerned with loading up the quad. So I've put him in charge of his clothes and toiletries and hooking up the computer. I have to load up the food, make up the bed, my clothes, etc. Oh yes, I have to get my stitching kitted up to travel! Can't forget that. Good thing I was just at B&N to get some books.

I also have to call & cancel my hair & nail appointments in the morning. Dang! I'm feeliing like a sheepdog!

Ok, so I've vented. Now to get back to the hard stuff so I can enjoy two weeks of sun & sand!


  1. Hope you had a good time after all the rushing was done. Men..Gotta love them...LOL


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