Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching up

Oh dear, another lapse! I think of writing here, but always when I'm not conveniently located to a computer. Soooo... here's what's been going on... and not much of it has been stitching!

I just returned from two weeks in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I stayed with my dear friend Pam and her hubby, Mike. I've known Pam since before we started kindergarten. I try to get up to visit at least once a year. It's become such a difficult drive (about 12 hours, not counting the wait for customs at the border) that this year I decided to fly. Originally I was going to take the train but believe me that would be a nightmare trip. Amtrack doesn't go across the border so they want to bus you from Seattle!! Ridiculous!! Fortunately, I had enough mileage points for a free airline ticket and was able to get a seat (not on the most convenient schedule tho!).

Us girls are feeling our age too! Neither of us have the stamina to shop like we used to. We did find one "fabulous" cross stitch shop and I blew my budget there. Bought some lovely fabrics (because I hate buying those sight unseen over the internet) and some beautiful fibers. Will have to take a photo for here. We also went to see Mamma Mia, what fun show!

I also took a ferry ride out to Salt Spring Island, between the mainland and Vancouver Island. My cousin Doug lives there and was having a "family reunion". I'm so glad I went! I saw my last living aunt, she turned 90 on august 8th, and so many cousins I hadn't seen in over 25 years. Wouldn't you know it that my camera batteries would choose then to die! I can't wait to get pictures from the cousins. Doug's place is absolutely wonderful with a gorgeous view. The nicest setting for so many that came from the prairies.

The week-end before I went away Jim & I took a day trip to Ashland, Oregon for a picnic Memorial Service for his cousin Abbie. It was really lovely to see so many of his family together. I was thrilled that Madeline was able to come from Alaska. We became close last year when we roomed together at a conference.

As I said, I haven't done much stitching this past month. It's been so very hot here (in the 100's) and we've been so busy. I haven't done any quilting since May. My poor machine! I'll go take some photos now while I attempt to organize the mess in my sewing room. And I'm going to set up my stitching things now so I'll be ready to watch TV tonight.

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