Saturday, September 13, 2008

Catching Up

Man, Oh, Man! I hate it when I don't keep caught up in here! Retracing my steps isn't always as easy as you think. Let's see...

We went to Winchester Bay on the Oregon Coast for 8 days. The weather was gorgeous! I did go riding on the dunes several times. Jim went more often as my back was really bothering me. There were 5 couples on this trip. Lots of great meals together and fun around the camp fire. Jim's brother brought his boat & went crab fishing. We had a delicious crab feed of Dungeness Crab.

Took Moses (the cat) with us... that was a first for him and he did very well. Didn't care much for the harness but we needed it just in case, etc. My boy made me proud! He was so interested in everthing. As usual, Kelly & Jessie (the dogs) went with us (they always do). Guess some folks must've thought we were a traveling zoo!

My poor baby, Kelly, tore her ear on some barbed wire the first night. Spent a considerable amount of $$ getting her stitched up and cleaned up (read: blood all over my carpets too). She looked so sad! Because she had cut a major vein her ear needed to be immobilized. It was bandaged to the top of her head with a wrap around her head. For 5 days she looked like she had a giant tooth ache! Poor girl has been through so much in the past year.

Home one day (to do laundry & get a haircut) then I took off back to Seaside, Oregon on the Northern Beaches for a Women's Conference. This is hosted every year for the Elder Women and spouses of the Elder Men of Jim's tribe, the Coos. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know some of Jim's cousins. They are, after all, the Elders now! This was my second year and I enjoyed it even more than last year. I successfully wove a basket, if you can call it that. But it's wonderful to learn the concepts of how these native crafts are done.

Arrived home after dark last night. Way too many e-mails to deal with today. Today is my birthday!! Called Barb C in Texas, she's my birthday twin, to wish her a HB and to make sure she's ok after Hurricane Ike struck. Whew! She's fine! Jim has been waiting on me all day! Made lunch, took me out to dinner! We're too stuffed for cake & ice cream (but he did get them). We had dinner at the Paulina Lake Lodge where my neighbor Teresa works. It's pretty rustic but great food. Teresa gave me one of the Lodge's sweatshirts. That was really sweet!

Now, about my stitching... I did do some! I've been working on my first biscornu. and I'm stitching a Cherished Teddy square and an Americana square for charity. On my way to Seaside I passed through Portland and visited the nearest LNS to me (3+ hours away), Acorns & Threads. I bought 3 charts, 2 pieces of fabric, and a beautiful Needle Minder. I love the minder but I think it will be a Christmas gift for a dear friend.

That's it! I've finished my e-mail & caught up here, now I'm going to go stitch. See y'all later!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, except for the little ones injury. Happy Birthday, I just left a comment with Barb C too. CJ(ok;-)


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