Friday, October 3, 2008

Catching up

Busy! Busy! Busy! Yet I haven't a thing to show for it! The days just slip by.

I have this huge mess in the dining room now as I unloaded two bookcases from the spare room and the boxes reside there now. I intended to paint the spare room. I've bought the paint. I want to move my sewing room into there as the lighting is so much better. Interruptions! (We shampooed the carpets.) And it didn't get done. Now I have a guest coming and no time to paint. And to add to the disarray, I'm having the dining chairs recovered and so we're using card-table chairs! (Pray they'll be ready by Saturday)

My guest is a girlfriend, Julie, from Seattle. We worked together before I retired. She's just retired this year. We went to Mexico together before and traveled well together. So, we're doing a girls get-away and driving to Tahoe. Leaving Sunday morning and we'll be back whenever... probably the following week-end.

My sewing room is a disaster too! I have stuff from the spare room in there as well as the usual messes.

Wouldn't you know it!! Dang!! The main lighting in our livingroom has gone out. It's an antique six-way light I've had forever (a really really long time). Jim thinks it needs a new plug. So we sit by the light of my magnifying lamp from my sewing room.

Can't imagine what Julie will think of all this craziness! I'm always a nervous Nellie when I have house guests anyways. She'll understand! She saw my "before retirement" home and knows I'm not usually like this. (but maybe this is my "new me" look since confusion reigns my life now). Can't you tell I need a vacation?

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