Monday, November 17, 2008

Making New Friends...

WOW! I don't think I've ever done so many posts in one day before! Just a lot going on and I haven't been very faithful to my blog.

I answered an ad in our utility company's magazine a week or so ago. Someone was getting rid of cross stitch supplies... Turns out to be an 84 years-young lady in a near-by town. We've struck up an e-mail friendship and I intend to pay her a visit when I return from Alabama. Her name is Jeanne and she sent me three wonderful charts (Ursula Michaels and Linda Myers), two hand towels, a Christmas Ornament kit and a lovely piece she had stitched but wasn't planning to frame. I had told her I do some charity stitching and she thought it could be donated. I hope to incorporate it into a quilt next year. Here's a photo... I don't know what the pattern is called.

Jeanne says she's had an enormous response to her ad. She divided her stash up and sent off many packets. She had several stitchers stop by her home to choose some items also. You see! There are stitchers out there! I'd sure like to get to know some in this area.

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