Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've found another on-line treasure!

PBS~PaperBackSwap is a website I found out about through Elaine's blog. When you sign up, you register a minimum of 10 books that you want to get rid of. For those, you get to choose 2 books to be sent to you. They have thousands! You can register as many books as you want. When someone wants one of your books you get an email. There is a link to print out a wrapper. It is printed on 2 sheets of regular computer paper. Their name and address and yours are already printed on there. You can either have an account there for postage or, like me, just take it to the post office for mailing. It costs a little over $2 to mail a regular paperback. For each book you mail out to another person, you get to choose another one. If you join and want to add me as a buddy my nickname is "omashee"

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