Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my readers! May the true spirit of Christmas be yours today and all year long.

I can't believe so much time has passed since my last entry here. I'll blame it on the time of year, etc, etc. Just a quick note to let you know that all our plumbing problems have been resolved.

We have snow to our knees and more snow storm warnings for the remainder of the week. Jim keeps our drive cleared as he has a blade for his Polaris Razor. The dogs love riding with him (helping). The county plows were here by 0700 today so they must've been clearing the main roads all night. (we live down a dirt road) We also had a beautiful sunny sunrise for Christmas. The sky is now all white & ready to snow again.

We are spending Christmas at home with the pets today. Originally our plans were to be in Eugene, Oregon at #2 son's house. Son #1 & family were supposed to arrive from Juneau, Alaska on Monday but all flights were cancelled due to weather. We drove to Eugene on Tuesday for a family Christmas party (which had a small turn-out). Wednesday morning after a huge breakfast we opened gifts with Son #2 & son #3 & two grandsons. The grandboy's mom gets them this Christmas so we celebrated early. DH decided we should head home before the next promised snow storm arrived. So, here we are!

I didn't get anything from my wish list! Santa must've thought I was a very bad girl this year! I didn't get anything stitching or quilting related at all! Got a lovely lap robe from son #2. My favorite gift was a beautiful scarf my almost-DIL knit for me. Oh well, guess I'll just keep on buying what I want when I can afford it.

I think the son's may have been a bit disappointed in their gifts. Since DH doesn't shop & it was left to me, I bought something useful yet inexpensive for everyone for under the tree. Then I called the USO and made donations in the names of all five adult children. The USO supplied thank you notes to each child which I placed on the tree. They couldn't complain as each of them has been in the service and their dad & son #1 are retired servicemen. With the remainder of my budget I purchased enough goodies to fill two boxes to send to a chaplain in Iraq. My heart is with our servicepeople who are separated from their loved ones.

I'm hoping each of you received you heart's desire this Christmas. As I mentioned before... it looked like snow. Well, it's dropping the white stuff again! So I'm going to check a few messages then spend the rest of the day stitching.

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