Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Freezing!

Well, our water situation hasn't improved yet and the weather's not warming up either! (Although it's beautifully sunny today. No new snow!) Yesterday's high was 3F. Again, this morning it was -10F. Jim's been to the hardware store and is under the house right now installing a new filter. The filter casing cracked & froze so we have water at the well pump but not to the house. I don't mind toting & heating water for dishes, it warms my hands. But I NEED a shower! Had to go to the doc's yesterday without taking a shower. I am not doing it again today! I'll go to the truck stop & take one if I have to.

On the stitching front: the frogs followed me home from Alabama! I'm just putting it all aside for a while. Maybe they'll freeze their little warts off!


  1. Barb there is a surprise waiting at happinessiscrossstitching.blogspot.com

    Lynn B

  2. Sorry about the problems:( and about the frogs...

    Merry Christmas!


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