Friday, June 5, 2009

Although we've been having terrible thunder storms and Kelly is constantly trying to hide, I did make it to Sisters to join the Hero Quilters again yesterday. I turned in the quilt I helped finish and we have seven ready to mail to Madigan Army Hospital. These outings still tire me so quickly. I came home and slept for nearly 4 hours, was up for about two and slept all night for another eight. Wonder when I'm going to get my stamina back?
Just to let you know, when Kelly hides I usually try to get her up on the bed with me under a blanket where I cuddle and croon to her until she calms down or the storm goes away. (Sometimes I think she plays me like a fiddle!)
Kathy from the bbinteractive yahoo group is having a Super Giveaway to commemerate her birthday and the three month birthday of her gorgeous new pup, Rory. What a beauty he is! Man did she get a haul of stitching goodies for her b'day! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see if I win. Please, please, please let it be me!

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  1. Thank for the plug about my giveaway.

    I empathize with Kelly's fear of thunderstorms. Poor baby. One little trick I learned years ago with my previous Irish setter. Give her a benadryl. It will help her calm down and help to sleep through the storms. It's even better if you can give it to her about an hour before the storms hit.



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