Friday, June 12, 2009

Just another week!

Another week has past. I haven't made one cross stitch. My hands have hurt so badly by evening. I've been putting in a brick edging around the flower beds in our front yard. It's looking real nice. The back yard is awful! I can't wait to start! NOT!
I have been doing some quilting. Had a quilt top finished for Thursdays meeting with the Hero Quilters. I have the squares cut for another. Just a bit of squaring up, sewing on the sashing and borders. I hope to have it ready by next Thursday since I'll be missing quite a few meetings this month and next. I forgot to take photos before turning it in so here is a picture of one square. You'll have to use your imagination until I get it back

I'm getting antsy to get my QOV back from the longarmer. I'd like to take it with me to the coast. It will need the binding and label. Handwork is so easy when we're on the road. Maybe one of my Hero Quilts will be ready too!

Wowee! We bought a new car on Tuesday! A Ford Escape. It's so nice! Fully loaded! Jim's been tinkering with it all week. Syncing up our phones, setting Serius stations, downloading music onto USB sticks. Yes, it has a USB port and a MP3 port! It's so fun to be driving down the road and be able to make a call by voice command! The mileage is exceptional, especially compared to the Jeep! I've already noticed a difference. I got to do all the research and decide on which vehicle and what amenities I wanted on-line. All Jim had to do was test drive and sign papers. I'm so happy now. I hated that Jeep Commander. (bet you thought I'd put a photo here! I haven't taken one yet. Sorry!)

I don't think I mentioned my mining experience two week-ends ago. What a day! Burnt to a crisp! We were digging for Oregon Sunstones, our state's stone. Only found in two areas of the world, both about four hours from here. I found quite a pile even with my limited abilities. Notice the one on top with the red color to it? (photo doesn't show how much red there is) The more color, the more worth! I'm having that one cut and mounted. However, the day did have some bumps. Over sleeping, dead battery, two flat tires and a skid down a hill face first. Is that enough? I should'a stayed in bed!

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  1. I love your quilts, they are so much fun to look at!

    I keep forgetting to post on your blog (because I am horrible about that). How wonderful you made me feel with your RAK a couple of months ago. I did do a post on my blog, but I don't know if you saw it. I really love the designs and can't wait to do one.
    I was feeling sick and down and oh so tired. your package put the biggest smile on my face. i had to show everyone i knew, "look what I got!!!"

    Your kindness helped me so much, and once again reminded me of the generosity of my fellow stitchers.

    thank you so much!!!


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