Thursday, June 25, 2009

Away We Go!

We really went away early Monday morning. The annual trek to Winchester Bay on the Oregon Coast. Here to ride the dunes and celebrate The 4th of July. Internet service is spotty which is why it's Thursday already before I could make this entry. So far there are 16 of us (the grandparents). By the holiday our numbers will more than double. We're expecting 2 sons, a DIL, 2 grands and Jim's USAF buddy from Nevada.
The weather was beautiful until mid-afternoom yesterday. Turned cloudy and misted more than rained. Today starts cloudy but we hold hope the sun will burn thru. This doesn't keep the riders from riding. I tend not to ride, my spine being in the current condition I hate to rattle things up. Jim will take a passenger or one or both of the dogs along. He's bought them harnesses so neither falls out. They love to ride!
I did bring along several stitching projects to work on and lots of books. Next Monday I will be meeeting with the local Quilts Of Valor group. I'm thrilled to be joining these like minded quiters. So, of course, I brought along my sewing machine and the latest QOV I'm working on.
So, we're off again on another adventurous day! I'll keep posting when I can.

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  1. What a wonderful vacation! I lived on the Oregon coast for a number of years growing up, and my grandma still lives there. It is always such a joy to go back. There is nothing like it.


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