Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I'd like to wish all those wonderful fathers out there Happy Father's Day!

My dad died back in 1983. I'll always miss him! We had a special bond. As the father of six he was an outstanding dad and always there for us. I inherited my sense of adventure and love of travel from him. Dad was an avid HAM radio operator for over fifty years. Generous to a fault! Anybody need a hand, he was there to help. Dad loved music and I loved to sit on the bench beside him when he played the piano or the organ. And he could sing like an angel. He was in the church choir and a men's chorus. Gosh, how I miss him!

I never knew either of my grandfathers. Dad's mom remarried when I was just a baby. Oliver (or grandpa, as we called him) was a dear and gentle man. I grew to really appreciate him as I grew older. Such wisdom! And he always had the most beautiful flower gardens. We only got to see my grandparents a few times each year as they lived in Victoria, B.C., Canada. In his later years I loved to take him walking through Butcharts Gardens.

I love my husband dearly. His knowledge astounds me! He's the greatest dad and grandfather to his boys. Sometimes to a fault. His growing up wasn't the easiest yet he has the most wonderful tales to tell. After the loss of his wife he did an admirable job raising his three boys. I didn't come onto the scene until the middle son was a senior in high school. So I can't claim any credit for the great men "our boys" have become.

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  1. It sounds like your life has been graced with some wonderful men! :D


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