Thursday, September 17, 2009

Backing Up A Bit

Last week I was AWOL for a few days while I attended a women's retreat. This is an annual event that I'm honored to attend. It is for the elder women and wives of the elder men (me) of the Coos Indian Tribe. DH is an elder. I get to spend time with a bunch of cousin's-in-law and for the first time, one of DH's nieces. What a riotous crew we are. This year the accomodations were at the tribe's new casino hotel in Florence, Oregon. Very nice! We learned some beading techniques and made a small purse. We also learned to make some natural products like soap, lotion and oils. The soap was fun, using little molds and scents and dyes. NO, we didn't spend all our time at the casino... we crafted in a yurt at a state park!

Over the week-end I had a birthday. Now, we don't usually make a big to-do about them around here. So DH took me to dinner at The Outback (my choice). The next morning he fixed me steak & eggs for breakfast. Nummy! No presents... oh wait... that's a bit of a story.

I had been hinting (not so subtly) about a sewing machine I wanted for my birthday for over six months. Several weeks ago DH & I were at Home Depot for some reason I can't remember. I always wander in the appliances as I've wanted new ones since we bought this house almost five yeas ago. Sigh! Mr. Wonderful says "would you rather have your refrigerator than the sewing machine?". Now, who could turn down that deal? Nobody in their right mind. Right? Well, before we get out the door I have a stove and dishwasher too! So, that's what I got for my birthday/Christmas present. You didn't think I was getting the stove and dishwasher as a bonus did you? I'm easy! I'm happy!


  1. Glad to see that someone thinks like me. LOL

  2. That is exactly what we did a few years ago! I was my birthday/mothersday/anniversary present.


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