Monday, September 21, 2009

Over The Week-End

I was away over the week-end! Oh joy! I was at another stitcher's get-together at Vicki's near Portland. The weather was perfect! The stitchers at riot! The food plentiful and yummy! Thank you Vicki, Randy and Donna for providing such a wonderful week-end!

For those of you not in the Northwest, these GTG's happen every-other month. Gals come from all over. Usually we have a designer or two or three. There are always freebies and often charts and flosses for sale. Randy's pool table is turned into a showcase of finishes. But, the best part is always the stitchers. In every room! It's often difficult to stay seated 'cuz I NEED to check out what everyone is working on. I almost always get more stitching done here than at home just because it's unlimited, uninterrupted stitching time.

Esther had fabrics for sale at ridiculous prices. Had to get me some! Lynda had her entire line of charts with her. Got some more! Made a side trip to Acorns & Threads for a chart and ended up with several linens and a half dozen charts. (Who could'a predicted that?)

Other side trips I HAD to make were at Michael's, Joanne's and the Crafter's Warehouse. And yes, I did pick up a few things that weren't exactly stitching related, but, then again, maybe they are in an indirect fashion.

My stitching progress:
I was able to find a GAST floss that I think will work so I can finish my "Rememberance" piece. Whew!
Started Prairie Schooler's Country Wise
Started Heritage Sampler band 1 from Aury's SAL

Unfortunately, none are far enough along to photograph. Sorry!

And to leave you on a bright note: I received my copy of JCS 2009 Christmas Ornament Issue while I was away.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Barb!

  2. It's just so great to get together with other stitchers, isn't it? :D


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