Sunday, October 18, 2009

Checking in from Alabama...

I had super easy flights down here! Easy connections, minimum waiting times and all flights were ON TIME! That's what I like!!

Erica & I are alone now. The parents left last Thursday for Key West, FL (their new duty station). I met her new room mate last night. The girls fixed dinner for us and we had a great gab fest. I know they'll do fine when I'm gone. Lauren will move in next week. That means I get upgraded to the "Parental Suite".

I've taken Erica's car several times when she's had to work. Yesterday I went out to find the local needlework shop, Ami's. Oh drat! She's gone out of business! I hate to see LNSs go under. Besides, I had planned to do some serious shopping there. Guess I'll have to venture over to Pensacola. I had numbers for three shops there and only one still has a functioning telephone. Come on Gulf Coast stitchers! Support your LNSs!!

Now, if that didn't frost my cake! The local quilt shop has also gone out of business! Whew! What's a girl to do? I HAD to go to the outlet mall for some retail therapy! I HAD to!! (I also went for a walk on the beach at Gulf Shores!!)

I had so wanted to try my hand at dying fabric while I am here. Guess I'll have to haunt Michaels and Joanne to see what I can find. I'll probably never find linen!

So, for now I'll leave you with a photo of my lovely grand daughter, Erica, and her boyfriend, Josh.


  1. Barb, your granddaughter is beautiful! I know she's glad to have grandma visiting. Hope your trip in Al is great; it was cold here this past weekend which is so unusual for us.
    Sorry the local LNS and quilt shop is out of business. I know there's a shop in Gulf Breeze that I "think" is still open..........have a fun vacation.

  2. Hope you're having a lovely time! It's all rain rain rain here! Hope you find a LNS with wonderful treats.


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