Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just one more post before I go!!

Yipee! First snow of the season! We awoke this morning to several inches of snow! It started snowing yesterday but didn't look like it would stick. Today it's covering everything! I'm very sure it won't affect my flight as the airport is quite a bit farther down the mountains from us. Just an inconvenience! It's finally stopped and I'm praying for a warming trend! Not likely by the looks of the sky!

And now, on the stitching front! I have a photo of a WIP: the first part of the Christmas SAL from the Marquoir group. This SAL is an exclusive to the group from Tam's Creations.


  1. OMG! snow already! BRRRRRRRRRRRrr......guess that's why I live in Alabama; I'd freeze anywhere further north. you're gonna love the weather here; it's been about 75 in the day and 60's at night; nice and fall-ish!
    enjoy your trip and I sure wish we could meet up...maybe next time you visit!

  2.'s already snowing...we are still in summer at 40 degree celsius.

    have a nice journey....

  3. I'm really slow! I just realized how close you live to me. We actually go out your way periodically as my inlaws live in Sisters.

    At some point in the next year we might even be moving that way. :)
    My husband really wants to live down your way (dirtbike riding, of course!) but I would like to be closer to Bend.

    I had heard from my f-i-l that you all had snow. It just might be an early winter! I added my email to an earlier post. Maybe we can have coffee and stitch one day!

  4. Snow? And I was excited by 60! Pretty stitching! Enjoy your trip - I know you'll love the baby.


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