Monday, November 9, 2009

A Finish Finish!

Yep! I actually finished an ornie! And, I made my first biscornu!

TaDa! Here it is! Now, since it's my first biscornu and the thing is only an inch & an half in size, I think I did pretty good. It's a freebie I showed you
earlier by Sharon Manspeaker of . It will go into my Christmas goodie box that I send to my grand daughter, Erica, every year.


  1. Awesome job! You wouldn't know this was your first, perfect finishing!

  2. That's a very great biscornu. And so nicely finished.

  3. Great job! Sure you don't want to keep the first, and send her the next??

  4. Your biscornu is beautiful - you ought to be so proud of yourself!

    Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment on my giveaway post. Please visit again. You are always welcome at Ivory Spring!

  5. That is wonderful! Congratulations on the finish. I am very impressed with your ability to work on such a small piece.


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