Sunday, January 17, 2010

ARG! Spinning Wheels!

Sorry, no, I haven't taken up a new hobby! Spinning wheels as in gettin' nowhere fast! That's what I've been doing lately.

I had this really great idea that I'd like to stitch one over one on linen. It looks so beautiful and delicate! A girl has to grow and I was feeling brave. Well, I botched three pieces. Yes, three! I couldn't do just one or even stop at two. Sooo, I went back to finish a piece on aida just to get back to my basics (it's a charity piece and still needs personalization before I'm really done wiwth it, so, no pics yet). I've restarted the biggest piece now using two over two as the designer suggests.

Over the week-end we had a surprise visit from the grandsons. We were expecting both sons and DIL but the grands were a bonus. They were only here over one night but it was fun. Grandpa cooked a huge country breakfast Sunday morning. So now the big ugly TV and all it's paraphenalia is gone with the kids.

Oh! I didn't tell you? Dh has ordered his "dream" TV. I insisted if he was getting it I wanted a new stand and a sound bar instead of the huge bulky speakers. So far everything has arrived except the TV. Slight delay, maybe this coming week. Meanwhile, we're watching a really teeny TV. We've rearranged furniture and tried to get ready. Some minor adjusting will be required. I'm sure the stuff on the walls will need a serious rearranging (it already does).

It's awfully late or terribly early (yawn). I'm taking my trusty dog and heading to bed. Night night!!!


  1. Too bad on the mess ups. When you feel up to trying again (hopefully you will) go with a very small piece. That way you can finish it and then when you know you can do it, it gets much easier.

  2. Aww...over 1 is lovely and I enjoy it-it can be tedious if you are using a very high count linen :) Try it on 28 first and move to a higher count if you get comfy with it :)

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