Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who Knows Where The Time Goes...

Believe me, it's been a very dull week around here! I've been mostly stitching on my LHN "The Library". You know, the one I started stitching over one and really mucked up. Well, I'm stitching it on the same fabric, 32 ct Jobelyn Lambswool, but over two this time and it's soooo much better. Someday I may try over one stitching again, but not too soon.

Had a wee scare with a breast lump, again! All is well, thank God! So I spend a fair amount of time at doctor's offices etc..

It's begun snowing again. Just when I thought Spring was showing her lovely face (yesterday). And, I still had one Honey-do on my list (darn!). ;)


  1. Beautiful stitching.

    Glad your scare was just that... a scare!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm glad your scare turned out to be nothing. Phew!

    Lovely project - sorry the over-one was a bugger!

  3. Barb, it looks great. Sorry for the scare; my SIL is going thru chemo for the 2nd time for the same breast cancer. She's only 45 and they have 8 kids. We're praying for a miracle!


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