Friday, February 12, 2010


One of my goals/desires/resolutions for 2010 was to practice gratitude. Late as it is, I've been inspired by CameoRose's blog. She has journaled so many wonderful thoughts and photos. Today I decided to join the Weekly Gratitude community. Karen & Lori, two very creative and inspiring ladies, have a blog set up to help us get started and share the gratitude.

As this is my first entry and I haven't spent much time today dwelling on any particular topic, I'll leave you with a few photos and come back later with my thoughts.

James: my love, my husband, my friend, He is my present.

Erica: my granddaughter, my sunshine, She is my future.

Pamela: my BFF, we've known each other since before we started kindergarten. I'd give her my life if I could. She is my history.

Kelly: my sweet companion. Ever loving, never judging, total unconditional love.


  1. Yes, I can see that the 'Time Out' should be spending time on the stitching hoop. Gorgeous entry!


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